Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The threat of Romney's running mate

In her July 9 post regarding the possibility of Mitt Romney choosing a woman as his running mate, Rachel Farris points out the fact that in a political battle where voters are choosing between the lesser of two evils, "people generally don't spend too much time deliberating over gender." Although Farris is speaking to a liberal audience here, her experience in media and public relations adheres to the validity of her comments on the mindset of conservative voters. She points out the fact that if you are going to vote for Romney, "you were never and would never consider voting for Obama." Farris doesn't think that a female running mate will have a major impact on Romney's votes, but I disagree with her. As a Mormon, Romney is having trouble gaining the support of conservative Christians who wouldn't normally think twice about voting Republican, and this move might appeal enough to the more progressive members of this demographic to keep them from voting for Obama. Here's Farris' blog.

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