Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bipartisan Bullshit

Getting Along

What I liked most about about the Forth Worth Star Telegram's editorial supporting David Dewhurst in the Republican runoff for the US senate is the fact that despite the article's right-winged stance, it acknowledges the lack of cooperation happening between the two parties in US legislation, even going as far to place the blame on Republican legislators. 

The Right Stuff

The article begins by condemning voters for supporting senators with no experience, who easily fall prey to the bipartisan peer-pressure of non-cooperation. The editorial introduces Dewhurst as a former CIA agent and self-made millionaire, somebody who knows how to get things done and doesn't let anybody of either party keep him from is legislative duty of compromise. I don't agree with any of the bills Dewhurst has helped pass, in fact I strongly disagree with most of them, but I appreciate the fact that this guy knows what needs to happen in order for democracy to work properly. Here's the editorial.

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