Saturday, August 11, 2012

Let's talk about Romney's running mate

Lets talk about Mitt Romney's running mate. For those of you who don't know, Paul Ryan has been named as the next "vice president of the United States," and Ryan couldn't be more "excited and honored to join [Mitt] as [his] running mate." At 42, Ryan is definitely younger than Romney, and I think voters can relate a little bit more to the guy. Personality is certainly something the Romney campaign could use a little more of. Ryan has a family, is famous for his affinity for extreme fitness, and is the author of a very a drastic and conservative budget plan that is very popular among conservative legislators. Honestly, this guy should be running for president. He's marketable and smart, and just when I thought it would be impossible to include a "cool" conservative in the Republican presidential campaign, some very smart campaign coordinator tracked this guy down and introduced him to Romney. To me, Paul Ryan is the anti-Obama, and the conservative poster boy could be a deadly weapon against the Democratic campaign. Romney has been pretty good at alienating conservative voters, partly because of his identity (mormon, cold, doesn't drink) but mostly because he seems so fake and rehearsed in public. Ryan's attitude, down to earth conservatism, and confident smile are all things Romney is lacking. If the Republicans are smart, they'll give Ryan as much face time as they possibly can, letting him say the things that Romney has been saying, just in a much more cool and relatable way. 

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  1. It seems like the main reason that the GOP picked Paul Ryan for VP is because he has very strong stances on the main issues, and Mitt Romney has been flip-flopping for years. Also, they need a pretty boy to help make Mitt Romney look better (he is a fitness buff and you are right, he is a bit younger). But, I do not believe that Paul Ryan is what this country needs for a Vice President. I know the Vice President does not have much say in policy, but the policies he stands for are quite atrocious (and also, I really don't care if he is likable and does P90X with his best political buddies, I look at the issues that he stands on). His plan to get rid of Medicare will make many senior citizens have a lot of debt. The voucher program will do more harm than good. And the fact that the Republicans lied about Obama's plan costing $700 billion was a bit rude to me. Their plan will cost us the same amount of money, and at least Obama's plan will assist those who need assistance for prescriptions. Also, Ryan's plan with Romney to give almost no tax to the rich and take away restrictions from corporations will just make the average american poorer and will not stimulate the economy.
    And even if I am a bit skewed on these issues, Ryan's stance on women is appalling as well. He does not support equal pay for women, he does not approve of abortions if it will save the mother's life, he wants to get rid of a lot of birth control, and he even wants to take away funding for Planned Parenthood and family planning programs. Since I am a woman, I find these laws to be very backward and against all that we have worked for.

    I am sorry if this commentary sounds rude, I just sometimes have intense lines of thought. I do believe that everyone has the right to believe what they want, though. Please do not take this offensively (most of the time I am a very passive person). This may just be one of those "I'm a Democrat and you're a Republican" things, so I do not want to offend the side you're on. I hope you get what I am trying to say :)